Chocolat Madagascar 100% Cocoa Chocolate Bar

Chocolat Madagascar 100% Cocoa Chocolate Bar

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Chocolat Madagascar Fine Dark Chocolate 100% Cocoa Chocolate Bar vegan and Made in Madagascar. Taste - Naturally non bitter, fruit flavours, hints of orange and forest fruits from the Fine Cocoa with slight acidic finish. Smooth melting and fine texture. Colour - Light brown/red mahogany from the rare criollo-trinitario cocoa.  Fine Cocoa origin - Sambirano, north west Madagascar. Freshly crafted in Madagascar . No vanilla or other added flavours. No chemical processing. No alkalisation. Vegan

Ingredients : Fine Madagascar cocoa beans. Cocoa solids 99% minimum

Nutrition: Per 100g Energy 2479KJ, Fat 55g of which Saturates not stated, Carbohydrate 8g of which sugars 0g, Fibre 12g Protein 9g, theobomine 940mg, Magnesium 260mg, Phosphorus 360mg.




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