Cachet Lemon & Pepper

Cachet Lemon & Pepper

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 Cachet – Extra Fine Dark Chocolate with Lemon & Black Pepper 100g This dark chocolate lemon and pepper bar is an exquisite union of finest dark chocolate with notes of lemon and black pepper. With just the correct amount of lemon and black pepper zing, they cut through the rich dark chocolate to create a symphony of flavours that will satisfy those looking for something more than simply chocolate. 

Ingredients: Cocoa mass 52,80%, Sugar 37,92%, Lemon granules (inulin, lemon extract, lemon zest 3%) 3,00%, Cocoa butter 2,88%, Anhydrous milk fat 1,92%, Black pepper 1,00%, Emulsifier soya lecithin (E322)] Minimum 57% cocoa solids. May contain traces of peanuts, nuts, gluten and eggs.  

Nutritional: per 100g Energy (kJ) 2112 kJ Energy (kcal) 504.768 kcal Fat 34.1 Grams of which: Saturates 21.1 Grams Carbohydrate 42.4 Grams of which: Sugars 38.1 Grams Fibre 11.2 Grams Protein 5.9 Grams

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