A traditional festive sweet it is also now proving popular all year!

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Shepcote Almond Marzipan Fruits 150g

Shepcote Marzipan Fruits 150g - One box of marzipan in fruit shapes. A very popular product made in the UK

£7.20 *

Shepcote Marzipan Fruits - 190g

Shepcote Marzipan Fruits 190g This marzipan frui pack contains marzipan moulded into lifelike fruit shapes and use only natural colourings

£10.95 *

Dark Chocolate covered Marzipan 150g by Beechs

Dark Chocolate covered Marzipan 150g by Beech's- The finest almond marzipan coated in luxury dark chocolate.

£4.55 *
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