Cavalier is a Belgian family company that has been exclusively developing, producing and distributing chocolate products with no added sugar since 1996. Cavalier is aimed at chocolate lovers who want to, or have to, avoid sugars either to enjoy chocolate in a healthier manner, to keep in shape or for medical reasons, but without compromising on taste.

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Four bars of Cavalier with Stevia Fruity Selection

Pack of Four 40g bars includes: Milk Banana with cocoanibs, Dark Orange, Dark Lemon and Lime and White Coconut. Produced with no added sugar, Sweetened with Stevia

£6.70 *

Four Bars of Cavalier with Stevia Extra Mix

Four 40g bars of chocolate sweetened with Stevia - Flavours: Dark 85% with berries; White with mango and raspberries; Milk with pistachio; Milk with caramel flavour.

£6.70 *

Four bars of cavalier with stevia - Solid mix

Four 40g chocolate bars sweetened with Stevia: Milk; Dark 85% chocolate with cocoanibs; Milk with hazelnuts; White chocolate with rice crisp.

£5.80 *

Four bars of chocolate with Stevia - classic selection

Four bars of 40g chocolate bars sweetened with Stevia. Milk praline; Milk caramel; Milk speculaas; Dark mocha.

£6.70 *

Milk chocolate bar with Stevia by Cavalier

Solid milk chocolate bar 85g - Sweetened with Stevia.

£2.95 *
In stock

Dark 85% chocolate with Stevia - by Cavalier

A dark chocolate bar (85% cocoa content) sweetened with Stevia.

Make asmart swop and change your life
£2.95 *
In stock
can be shipped within 2-3 days

Dark chocolate with Berries by Cavalier

An intense dark chocolate (85% cocoa content) with added fruit and a sweetness provided by Stevia without the sugar content going up! Stevia is sweeter than sugar but has no calories, no carbohydrates and does not raise blood sugar levels

£3.40 *

Box of seashell chocolate with Stevia by Cavalier

A box of  Milk Chocolate Seashells with a Hazelnut Cream Filling 125g, Sweetened with Stevia. Make a smart swop and change you life.

£4.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 2-5 days

Milk Praline with Stevia snack bar - box of twenty four 20g bars

Milk chocolate with a crunchy wafer and hazelnut cream filling sweetened with Stevia. Each bar is 20g, 24 bars in the box.

£17.90 *
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