Health Options

Health Options

Health Options

Dark chocolate tends not to have too much in the way of allergy items, although the more massed produced bars will be made in facilities that are also handling dairy, nuts and gluten and will contain references to this. The more "sweet" the chocolate bar the more likely that the health issues arise, but chocolatiers are aware of these and have produced alternative ranges to enable most people to continue to enjoy chocolate products.

No added sugar

No added sugar has moved on from the days when Maltitol was used to add sweetness to the chocolate. Now the growing demand is for Stevia extract, a natural plant extract, to provide the sweetness which avoids all the old problems associated with Maltitol. We now only stock Stevia items. One exception is a Zotter product that uses the sweetness of milk as an alternative.

Dairy free

Most of the dark chocolate bars will be dairy free (check, the lower the cocoa content the more likely milk will be present). Dark chocolate is not to everyone's liking so alternatives have been developed, generally using rice flour as an alternative for milk. Search dairy free or look at some of the suggestions here.

Gluten free

Good quality dark chocolate should be gluten free, its usually encountered as the cocoa content decreases towards the milk chocolate end of the chocolate spectrum and particularly in flavoured small chocolates, truffles and pralines. Use the "search" for "gluten free" but some specific gluten free items are shown below.

Vegetarian and vegan

Most of our dark, high cocoa content will be suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, some bars may say "made in a factory handling Dairy" or " may contain trace of dairy" due to the manufacturing process. We have included here some brands that may be of interest but check out all our dark bars!