Other Chocs

Other chocs

Its always suprising how Chocolate can be used, making games, medals, cake decoration and other things! Click on the category item below to take you on your voyage of discovery.

Chocolate Coins

An essential at Christmas and parties these chocolate coins are all English currency.


​We stock a variety of Disney themed chocolate, from old favourites Mickey and Friends, Princesses, Cars to more recent Frozen characters.


Chocolate medals and chocolate that defies categorising, like Marmite!


Yes, the winner usually gets more chocolate! Most games have reusable moulds to create more pieces in the future.

Baking and Decorations

Finish that cake off with a lovely decoration. Can't find it here, e mail us with what you are looking for and we may be able to get it for you.


Ohh arr me hearties, make that Pirate party special with Gold coins and Gold bars (of chocolate!).

Fruit/nut in chocolate

​A range of fruit and nuts in chocolate.