Christmas Ideas



Christmas is a great time and usually involves some chocolate somewhere, be it a gift, after dinner nibbles, or as stocking fillers for the kids. We think that we have a good chocolate selection that will suit most tastes, but click on the links below to explore some of our suggestions:



Stocking fillers: we have loads of different coins from traditional to Disney themed or even some small packs of Disney bars.

After Dinner: Try some after dinner mints, perhaps some delicious truffles or  more traditional chocolate Brazils.

Gifts: Everyone is different but here are a few suggestions Boxes of chocolates, Award winning chocolate bars,

Allergies: have a look here for delicious alternatives providing allergy free chocolate

We also have Turkish Delight and delicious nougat and for those of you wanting to decorate your Christmas cake, yes, chocolate decorations.


There are also some very specific Christmas items below. Happy Christmas!

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Santa chocolate bar 40g  3 bars- Dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free chocolate bar

£4.80 *

Currently unavailable

Christmas selection box of dairy free chocolate 150g - A selection of different chocolates suitable for vegans and others.

£5.95 *

Currently unavailable

Organic Dairy Free Snowmen by Plamil 125g - A delicious alternative to dairy milk chocolate.

£6.60 *

In stock
can be shipped within 2-3 days

Christmas Tin with four Chocolate bars 120g

£8.30 *

Currently unavailable

Christmas Tin with four Chocolate bars 120g - Tin with Christmas interior scene

£8.30 *

Currently unavailable

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